Aesthete Cat

This excerpt is from Leopardo da Gotcha, page 23.

Leopardo enjoying a virtual rain forest.

Leopardo especially loves soft leather, smooth, silky fabrics, and wooly sweaters and throws. Watching Leopardo enjoying one of Mother's silk blouses called to mind an undergraduate professor of mine describing an Irish actress running her hands across a silk scarf, and shuddering involuntarily at the exquisite feel of the fabric. The professor observed that this struck him as a "superb example of sensitivity raised to the sublime." My cat Leopardo da Gotcha knows all about that.

I returned from a trip to the North Carolina Smoky Mountains with a soft, wooly afghan that I gave Mother as a present. Leopardo would jump on the afghan, purring, and rubbing it sensually with his paws, then rolling around on it, and marking it with his face.

The day before Mother left to move in with my sister in Philadelphia, she gave Leopardo her afghan as a farewell present. When Mother gave it to him, it was as though Leopardo were aware that the coveted afghan was finally his. At the presentation, Mother put the afghan on the loveseat next to her and then announced to Leopardo that from now on it was his. As though he understood every word, he jumped up and started caressing the afghan while loudly purring.

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