Hoarder Cat

This excerpt is from Leopardo da Gotcha, page 22. The photo below, not in the book, shows Leopardo accepting a bag of balls for his birthday, and carrying them to his private stash.

Accepting a bag of balls for his birthday.

It became clear that Leopardo was fond of pretty things. He collected objects that appealed to him, and carried them to the lower level of his three-story cat condo where he stashed them. All sorts of objects would end up in Leopardo's stash, such as ribbons, bows, pens, spare telephone cords, and shiny bottle tops. These items he piled alongside his various balls and furry or feathery cat toys. Like a ferret, Leopardo had a stash of possessions to which he was always willing to add whatever new object interested him.

Once when I received a brightly colored metallic sack filled with birthday presents, Leopardo was fascinated. He especially admired the large metallic bow on the outside of the sack. When he saw the bow, he sat on his hind legs like a prairie dog and admired the bow for a long time. Finally he grasped the bow in his teeth and removed it from the sack. Then he walked over to his catbox, and set the bow in the middle of the mat in front of the catbox.

To this day the catbox bow is still there. Once, to see what would happen, I removed the bow and put it on a nearby table. Leopardo immediately jumped up to the table, grabbed the bow and returned it to its place in front of the catbox. Having observed that I used beautiful objects to accent the decor, Leopardo thought it proper to do the same.

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