Sports Cat

The following excerpt is from Leopardo da Gotcha, pages 18 and 19.

Leopardo loves to play Rollerball.

The day we brought Leopardo home from the airport, one of his first actions after being released from the cat carrier was to pounce on a furry cat toy that I had strategically placed in the living room. He caught it between his two paws, and tossed it into the air. When it landed, he caught it up again and threw it even higher. I thought "Oh, wow! Is this a basketball player reincarnated as a cat?"

The next activity he focused on was the kitty Rollerball® we bought for him as a housewarming present. He leaped onto the circular Rollerball platform and swatted the red ball, sending it loudly tracking around the circular groove in a blur. When he jumped at the zooming ball to stop it with a triumphant "gotcha," my camera caught him in the moment following the adrenaline rush that set his fur standing on end, making him look like a hedgehog.

Copyright 2002 by Robert J. R. Rockwood. All rights reserved.