Techno Cat

This excerpt is from Leopardo da Gotcha, page 13. The photo is similar but not identical to the photo in the book.

Leopardo adjusts the venetian blinds.

I came home to discover that the venetian blinds in the living room were down. Normally I close the living room curtains but keep the blinds up so that Leopardo can sit on his cat ledge between the curtains and the window panes and look out onto the sidewalk and trees.

Then I noticed that the light on my telephone answering machine was blinking. There was a message from a neighbor explaining that she and several other people were standing on the sidewalk in front of my living room window admiring Leopardo, who was lying on his cat ledge. She said that after several minutes Leopardo stood up on his hind legs, grabbed the venetian blind cord in his teeth, and lowered the blinds. I thought, well, I guess Leopardo didn't like being gawked at by people he doesn't know.

After I hid the venetian blind cords so that Leopardo couldn't raise and lower the blinds, I noticed that if the blinds are lowered and closed he will spread apart the slats with his paw and peek out.

Copyright 2002 by Robert J. R. Rockwood. All rights reserved.