Leopardo's Book is Now Available!

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Welcome to the website of cat Leopardo, a brown spotted Bengal registered as Gogees Leopardo da Gotcha. This site consists of pictures and brief excerpts from the book Leopardo da Gotcha, which was released for publication in October 2002 by Xlibris Corporation, the digital and e-book subsidiary of Random House. This is an 8.5-inch square picture book containing 40 pages of text and 23 full-color photographs. The cover page looks like this:

Cover of Leopardo's 
forthcoming coffee table picture book.

The ISBN # is Softcover 1-4010-5183-9. Ask your bookstore to order the book. Alternately, you can contact Xlibris at 1-888-795-4272, send an e-mail to Orders@Xlibris.com, or visit Leopardo's page on the Xlibris website at www.xlibris.com/LeopardodaGotcha.html.

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Gogees Bengals

The Bengal is a domestic breed developed from the American Shorthair and the wild Asian Leopard cat. Leopardo da Gotcha affirms the statement that "the Bengal still possessess the kind of intelligence originally native to cats but systematically bred out of most domestic breeds." This book, this website, and Leopardo are the result of wanting to find out what a really intelligent domestic cat is like. Kitten Leopardo was purchased from Ken and Gene Ducote of Gogees Bengals in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana. For further information, please visit the Gogees website at www.gogees.com.

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